Ranked 12 and 20, Madison and Milwaukee respectively. Nice props for the Wisconsin business climate.

Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin were both ranked among the top 20 metro areas for business, according to a survey by MarketWatch.com (as reported in the Dec. 16 BizTimes Daily at BizTimes.com)

The survey ranked 101 metro area on 10 metrics each including the number of companies per capita to determine a company concentration score; also looked at were the employment picture, growth and economic stability.

Madison scored 12th, with high scores in economic stability. Madison has seen growth in private sector technology and biomedicine at the University of Wisconsin.

Milwaukee scored 20th, with high scores for company concentration. Milwaukee is home to such global companies as Harley Davidson Inc., Johnson Controls Incc., Manpower Inc., Rockwell Automation Inc., Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co and more. 


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