Statewide First Weber retreat – a positive outlook for 2010

Looking for a great start to 2010 in Wisconsin real estate!  400 First Weber realtors and more than 100 managers attended First Weber’s annual retreat in the Dells this week with 3 national speakers and lots of networking.  Congratulations to the many First Weber agents who invested in their careers by attending.  Your clients and customers will benefit from what you learned!

In addition to speakers, there were announcements and other events. 

1. A news spokesperson for the First Weber Foundation was named – Suzy Favor Hamilton, an agent with us and a former Olympian.

2. The First Weber Foundation announced a contribution of $2500 to the Haitian relief fund.  In addition to that money, a silent auction was also held which raised an additional $3500 for the relief fund.  Thank you to all who participated to help out.

3. A sneak peak of the new was given on this project that’s coming late spring/early summer.  We hope our blog readers and website users will enjoy the improvements to come.

One last note – WOW, is the Wilderness Resort a giant, beautiful place.  The adjacent Glacier Canyon conference center overlooked beautiful, hilly terrain of the Wisconsin woods. We even saw deer walking in the snow during our conference.  It was time well spent and this writer left inspired!

Thanks for reading! Remember, if you have a real estate question, please drop us a note in the comments or ask a question.

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