Accept the things you cannot change… Have the courage to change what you can…

September 7, 2010

Selling a home today is challenging. There is a large inventory of available homes on the market and home buyers have a lot to choose from.  Now more than ever buyers are comparing properties, looking for value.  The most important thing you can do for a fast sale is to price aggressively. Activity will be highest when the property first comes to market so get it right the first time with some help with your real estate agent. Homes do sell everyday – the ones that are priced aggressively.

Homebuyers determine market value based on location, home amenities and condition. They take economic conditions into consideration as well as competing houses.  Factors with little or no influence are what you originally paid for the property, what you need to net after the sale and what money you put into the property.  This has always been true, but more so than ever now.

If you really need to sell your property, look at the local market statistics with your agent. Look at the absorption rates which estimate how long it will take in months to sell property given the supply and demand.

There’s an interesting article by the KCM crew which discusses accepting the things you cannot change (the market), having the courage to change the things you can (the price), and the wisdom to know the difference. You can read it here and we hope this further helps you to price your home to sell in today’s market.

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