4 polls on homeownership: A positive experience

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Buying and a house should be a happy occurance. A place to make your own and make your memories, and in time, make wealth – although building wealth is not WHY people buy homes.  In these times when homeowning has become a stressor for some who are underwater in their mortgage or facing foreclosure, it is important to note that most still feel that owning a home is:

– A positive experience (95% of homeowners polled in Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey 2011)

– The American Dream (88% of those polled in New York Times & CBS News survey 2011)

– Owning a home is the best long term investment (81% of those polled in Pew Research Center survey 2011)

– Now is a good time to buy a home (69% of those polled Gallop Poll 2011)


We believe now is a good time to get into a home at low prices and low cost. The price of the home is one thing – the cost another.  Interest rates will be an ongoing cost of holding a mortgage and they are so low now that you will save thousands on the ongoing costs of owning a home compared to buying at a time with higher rates.


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