South Central WI real estate update for October

November 21, 2011

Home sales in Dane County are up for the fourth month in a row: 3.3% higher than last October.  South Central MLS-wide, October sales are up 2.1% over last year. Year to date, the sales gap in between 2010 and 2011 is narrowing, going from being 20.6 behind in June to just 6.4% off now.  


Sales are up, what about prices? 

Median home sale prices in Dane County are virtually the same as last year at $206,000. SCWMLS-wide, the median sales price is down 3.8%. Half of the 9,559 homes for sale in the South Central MLS are priced between $120,000 and $300,000.  There are  more than 2,000 homes for sale that are priced below $100,000.   For those looking for real estate in the range of $1,000,000 and up, there are over 100 million dolar+ single family homes to choose from currently, plus six million dollar + condos.

Web traffic at up 20%

With prices and rates low, now may be the time to get serious about finding a new home.  More people may be realizing that…web traffic at the last 30 days is up 20% over the previous 30 days. See what is available in your price range now at

Here’s a year-to-date look at real estate in the various counties within the South Central MLS.

 County  YTD 2011  YTD 2010  YTD 2009
 Columbia County      
 # sales  426  425  455
 median sale price  $130,000  $144,900  $145,000
 Dane County      
 # sales  3987  4422  4730
 median sale price  $206,000  $205,726  $204,000
 Dodge County      
 # sales  362  451  457
 median sale price  $99,950  $113,500  $117,000
 Grant County      
 # sales  227  234  256
 median sale price  $85,500  $99,750  $105,000
 Green County      
 # sales  299  256  289
 median sale price  $123,000  $128,950  $127,000
 Iowa County      
 # sales  154  151  168
 median sale price  $115,000  $139,000  $125,000
 Rock County      
 # sales  1286  1341  1358
 median sale price  $92,000  $104,000  $115,000
 # sales  518  464  492
 Median sale price  $128,500  $143,500  $140,250
Data courtesy of SCWMLS  Sales reported as of 11/1/2011    

For specific communities, please contact a First Weber agent for details.  For information on sold properties and sold prices, use our sold property search function. Free registration may be required for some areas due to MLS rules.

Still thinking about it?

Here’s what The Wall Street Journal and Forbes have to say about buying a home:

“It’s an excellent time to buy a house, either to live in for the long term or for investment income… Houses aren’t the magic wealth creators they were made out to be during the bubble. But when prices are low, loans are cheap and plump investment yeilds are scarce, buyers should jump.” Read the rest of the WSJ article “It’s Time to Buy That House”

From the blog for WSJ, Now could be the best time in history to buy a home.”

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