Bayview, Wisconsin Community Feature

November 22, 2011

Bay View at Sunset

Bay View, Zip Code of 53207, is an area of the City of Milwaukee which stretches from Mitchell International Airport on the south to the Hoan Bridge on the north. The eastern boundry is Lake Michigan and the west is approximately 6th street. Two of the large parks in the area are Humboldt Park which has a Band Shell / Weekly Summer Band Concerts (Chill on the Hill), a lily pond and a fishing pond, a children’s playground and tennis courts; and South Shore Park with a children’s playground, South Shore Beach, a walking/ biking path, South Shore Yacht Club and nearby public docks. A June to October Saturday Farmer’s Market provides many opportunites for Bay View Residents and their families and friends.Residents enjoy and also take responsibility for planning activites and caring about preservation of the beauty of these and other parks in the Bay View Area.


An abundance of housing styles constructed during the late 1800’s to the mid-1950’s is one of the charming attractions and features of the area. The Milwaukee Bungalow of the 20’s and 30’s, Large Colonial single and duplex homes, Victorian and “Painted Ladies”, and unique “Puddlers Cottages” anchor the community and charm visitors, remaining a source of “pride and joy” as “Bay-view-ites” celebrate the history of the area all year long. Enthusiastic promotions and participation via unique area activities (The Bay View Frolics, Chill on the Hill, Bluff Restoration, The Historical Society,The Bay View Bash, Winter Chill-off, Easter Egg Hunt, Education”Tree Day”, Park Spring and Fall Bluff/Shoreline/Parks Clean-up Days as well as National Holiday Celebrations- Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Halloween) are all celebrated and enjoyed WITH RELISH!


Bay View is a unique & affordable community close to downtown Milwaukee and bordered by one of Wisconsin’s jewels, Lake Michigan. I have heard this area referred to as the “most beautiful Bay to View ANYWHERE.” I have heard it called “a hip place to live” and I am happy to refer to it as “home”.


  Nancy Counter, First Weber Metro South office

To view real estate for sale in the Bay View area, it is best to search via map, since Bay View is not a separate city, but part of Milwaukee. Take a look at Nancy’s boundries at the beginning of the article to determine the area Bay View encompasses. Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog about the community of Bay View. For more communities and lists of communtiy events in Wisconsin, please see our Wisconsin Events & Communities category.

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