Metro Milwaukee home sales up 21% in December, 4.2% for 2011

December real estate sales in the Milwaukee area closed the year with a bang Рit was the best December in three years by far with 0ver 1000 residential home sales versus 828 sales in December, 2010 and 831 home sales in December 2009.  Home sales were up 21.6% in December as buyers take advantage of the tremendous value and future equirt growth the current real estate market offers.


End of year statstics also show that while still 10% behind the 2009 pace, 2011 sales beat last year’s by 4.2%. 12,888 residential properties were sold in 2011 through the Metro MLS system compared to 12,367 the previous year.


By county, 2011 stats

Milwaukee County residential real estate sales: Up 2.5% over last year with 7621 homes sold in 2011

Waukesha County residential real estate sales: Up 6% over last year with 3698 home sales in 2011

Ozaukee County residentialreal estate sales: 2011 home sales in Ozaukee County were better than the previous 2 years. 874 homes in Ozaukee County sold in 2011 versus 833 in 2010 and 828 in 2009.

Washington County residential real estate sales: Down 1.9% from last year. 1085 homes were sold in 2011 versus 1106 in 2010.

Racine County residential real estate sales: Up 9.5 over last year with 1827 home sales in 2011 versus 1699 in 2010.


More on average sales price

It is certain homes are selling, though there is continued downward pressure on pricing.

Milwaukee county 2011 average sales price was down 10% to $128,004

Ozaukee County 2011 average sales price was down 6.98% to $267,407

Washington County 2011 average sales price was up slightly .48% to $203,319

Waukesha County 29011 average sales price was down 4.43% to $260,179


Talk with your listing agent to position your house to sell in early 2012 so you can move on with your life – perhaps to purchase a new home at a great price yourself.


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Data provided by Metro MLS and Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors.


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