The effect of rising interest rates on mortgage payments

March 26, 2013

Anyone who has bought a home  in the past  knows how fantastic today’s mortgage rates are.  Even when rates were 6 percent  that was considered a good rate but for a long time now, rates have been historically low in the 3 & 4 range. It is important for potential homebuyers to realize really how historically low rates are now – and how much it affects their mortgage payment.



The Mortgage Bankers Association is predicting that rates will be in the low fours by the end of the year.  By buying now, you can save a good chunk of money each month compared to your interest payments if you wait.  Why wait?!  You can contact any First Weber real estate agent to begin your home search or start looking for homes for sale in Wisconsin at

You can see in this graphic that across the country, home prices are rebounding. The buyers market we have had for so long is on its way out.  Are you on your way in? We can help.

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image courtesy of KCM membership

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