People using real estate agents more than ever, despite abundance of information on the internet

August 18, 2014

Found homeThank goodness for the internet! It has made finding a home so much easier – you can look online in the middle of the night and/or see inside a home from across the country, getting ready to make an offer even before you’ve physically seen it.   With all the house data and photos online, people can do their research before contacting an agent.  So with all the internet information, do people still use real estate agents?Absolutely, and more than ever. Finding the home is the fun part, the easy part. It is the rest of the journey that takes the expertise of an experienced real estate agent. What happens if the home inspection finds a problem? How long do I have to get my financing? What is there are problems with the appraisal? What do I bring to closing? What is title insurance and do I need it?  The list of questions and important contractual items to check off as done goes on and on. So while people can find SO much about real estate for sale in Wisconsin online without an agent, real estate agents are not going away, in fact, just the opposite. Agents provide guidance and value through the part of the process that gets complicated and few home sellers or buyers want to take on these challenges alone.   So go ahead and find your home online at  (or contact your agent first if you prefer). Just be sure to make the biggest financial step of your life with an experienced Wisconsin real estate agent.

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