How to add color to a home yet still be attractive to the “move-in ready” buyer

August 19, 2014

Admit it, you have commitment issues — at least when it comes to picking a color. Believe me when I say you’re in the company of many. Besides a can of paint, there is no easier or cheaper way to add color, pattern and texture throughout your home than with some brilliantly bold throw pillows (or artwork) via You don’t need to go big or permanent to go bold with color in your rooms; you only need to master the easy art of the toss.

Neutral, clean and decluttered properties are easiest to show and sell.  But it is nice when a home shows some personality as well – try adding bright spots of color to rooms while keeping the rooms themselves neutral.  (Stay away from colored carpet, bold colors if you are taking the time to replace and or repaint.) Instead try flowers, artwork or pillows to add bold splashes of color without scaring off those who want to be able to move right in.  The flowers, art and bright pillows will be gone when they move in, yet the nice neutral carpet, floor covering and freshly painted walls will remain as their blank slate. Enjoy and hope this gives you some great ideas on preparing your home to sell.  To see property for sale in Wisconsin, please visit

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