7 reasons to become a homeowner

June 6, 2016

June is National Homeownership month. While we are always fans of the benefits of homeownership, this month is meant to bring more awareness to those who may be on the fence about buying.

Read the points below – do they sound good to you? Are you ready to settle down in one spot for a few years?  We can help.


Decorate as you like – take down a wall, add a patio, get rid of the carpet etc.

Invest in yourself – renting is not an investment. Your money pays the landlord’s mortgage and someday he or she will own the place rather than you owning your own place.

Tax benefits – you can deduct mortgage interest and property taxes on your income taxes.

More sense of community when living in a neighborhood where those around you are concerned about home values, schools and take pride in the area.

Have more outside space – You can have a yard, not just a tiny balcony, if you were lucky enough to even have one.  Maybe you could add a basketball hoop in the drive or plant a garden. You decide.

Get a pet without having to look for a place where they are allowed. It’s your place… If you want pets, they’re allowed!

Build for retirement and increase your net worth. Renting has no such benefit. See the net worth difference between renters and homeowners here.


Convinced and excited to get started? You can read up on some do’s and dont’s here.

And also learn about how having a buyer agent can help you get the home that is just right for you.

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