House hunting tips to help you make the right choice

July 18, 2016



Buying a home is a big decision and a big ticket item. Plus, there is competition amongst buyers these days and sometimes you have to decide quickly.  That’s a lot of pressure. Here are some helpful hints to help make that decision easier. Click through using the small white arrows.

Set priorities and must-haves

Don’t buy the house that is charming and updated and perfect in every way except it does not meet your “3 bedroom, 2 bath” requirement. Requirements are requirements.


Compare properties with a list or chart

Make up a sheet comparing properties you have seen and are considering. Which checks off most of your priorities and must haves?


Walk through with open mind

Does the house give you a good feeling? Or does the amount of work that needs to be done fill you with uncertainty?  Did you fall in love with the house, but hate the backyard? Can you fix it? Be careful to really consider a home and think of the possibilities rather than write off a home because you don’t like the way the backyard is right now – or that you do not like the current wall color.

Then do it again

You most likely felt a certain way on your first walk through. Do another one and look with an objective eye this time.

Know furniture measurements

Maybe you have a bunch of furniture you really love and will be bringing with you.  Know the size of your prized pieces so you can be sure they will fit in your new place. Having to get new furniture to fit the space will be an added expense you don’t need.

Sketch the floor plan

This will help you remember the home if you are looking at many of them. Also, oftentimes it is the layout of the home that is a deciding factor and something that is worth making note of. You can change lots of things about a house – but the floor plan… not so much.

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