Buying a home is “an escalator to wealth.” Average net worth of homeowners is 38 times that of renter.

January 16, 2017

Self-made millionaire and author David Bach thinks that not prioritizing homeownership is “the single biggest mistake millennials are making.”

Everyone has to live somewhere for the rest of their life- and pay for it.  Over the years it is easy to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on housing costs. (think $1,000/month rent  x 20 years = $240,000) If you rent, you end up where you started – not owning anything. If you had paid off your own mortgage over all those years, in the end, you’d OWN something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Buying a home is an “escalator to wealth.” Net worth of homeowners is 38 times that of renters

If you are ready to settle down in one spot, seriously consider becoming a homeowner. Your net worth will thank you.  And we can help you.

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