Net worth difference between homeowners & renters is massive. Invest in yourself and buy a home.

April 2, 2018

You have to live somewhere and why not live somewhere that can build wealth? Look at the numbers in the image.

Do you want to do something about that?

  • Rent money that goes out the door does just that. You’ll never see it again.
  • Mortgage payments are applied to your loan, which CAN be paid back resulting in a fully owned property you are free to sell, most likely with a hefty profit to boot.


Can you own for less than rent?

Let’s say you pay $1,000 a month in rent.

Can you actually buy a house and have your house payment be less than rent?

Find some homes you like at, note the prices and then… Check out this calculator to see. It will graph it out for you.  You can play around with the cost of the home and you know what you currently pay for rent. See how the numbers turn out and talk to a First Weber agent about getting started.



So go ahead, do something about that net worth statistic.  Find some homes you like at, note the prices and then… Check out this calculator to see what you can swing and start paying yourself back.


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