Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

June 5, 2020

The weather is heating up and that means it’s time for some summer home maintenance! There are plenty of ways to keep your home in it’s best condition and after handling the winter and spring weather, your home could use a little maintenance. Here are some important items you should take care of.

Repair Deck/Patio

The weather in Wisconsin fluctuates a lot over the course of a year. Your deck and patio have to deal with everything from snow, hail, freezing temps and thawing out every year. So, they deserve some much-needed maintenance! Clean and power wash your deck and reseal it if necessary.

Inspect Roof

Just like our decks and patios, the roof of your home deals with a lot of elements throughout the year. No, they won’t need to be repaired or require maintenance every year, but you will want to give your roof a good inspection. Check for any areas that could potentially cause a leak and make sure you don’t have missing shingles. Taking care of small repairs over time can help you avoid potentially bigger problems that may arise if you don’t check on your roof.


Giving your gutters a good cleaning is definitely something you should take care of. Clear out any debris that has built up from leaves or branches. This will help avoid standing water in your gutters which can lead to unwanted pests such as mosquitoes.

Check AC

Summer temperatures get hot and you don’t want to be stuck without air conditioning when the thermometer is climbing. Make sure you check your filters if you are using window units. You can hire professionals to give your AC system an inspection if you have central air conditioning. These preventative measures will help make sure your systems are good to go to keep you cool all summer.


Landscaping is a very important part of the visual appeal of your home. It’s one of the first things people will notice so that’s why it’s definitely something you need to take care of. Cut your grass often so it doesn’t become overgrown. Make sure you also take the time to weed. Caring for your yard will keep your home looking great this summer!

Wash Windows

Windows can be a magnet for fingerprints on the interior of your home and the exterior gets dirty over time from outside debris. Now is a great time to give your windows some much-needed care. Plus, clean windows look a whole lot better than windows with smudges all over them!

Keep Dirt Out

Take measures to keep the inside of your home clean. Nobody wants mud and dirt tracked all over their home. An easy way to do that is by using doormats. Place a coarse mat outside of the entryways to your home. It’s also a good idea to place a rug on the inside of entryways where family members or visitors can place their shoes, so they leave the dirt at the door.

Test Alarms

Testing house alarms only takes a few minutes. Your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should have a button you can press to test if they are working properly. If they need batteries replaced take care of that as soon as possible. Your house alarms can save your life, so take the time to make certain they are working properly.

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