Factors that Influence Your Home’s Value

September 18, 2020

When your home is assessed there are a lot of factors that go into the price. A big factor is what the market conditions are at the time you sell, but there are other additional factors as well that will determine how much you will make on your home sale.

Square Footage

How much space you have in your home will largely affect the value. Generally, the more square feet your home has, the higher price you will get on the sale.


Not only is square footage a factor, but the way your home is laid out will also have a big impact on the sale price. In a recent study done by Fixr, both open floor plans and two-story homes rank at the top for preferred home layouts.

Materials & Updates

How updated your home is can play as much of a factor as the size and layout of your home. Updated homes will hold higher value as well as what materials are used in your home. For example, what materials are used for your countertops, wood flooring versus carpet, etc.


Does your home have a pool? A finished basement? Features like these are going to be important when determining the price. The most desired feature home buyers are looking for is a laundry room according to the National Association of Home Builders.


Location is a big factor in determining home price. If your home is located in a good school district your home will tend to hold a higher value. Other location factors that have influence are employment opportunities and proximity to shopping, parks, entertainment, etc.


Along with location, the neighborhood your home is in can impact your home’s value. Your home will likely be compared to recently sold homes near you to gage a fair price and other factors such as how safe your neighborhood is will affect your home’s value.

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