Home Staging Tips During Winter

December 30, 2020

Staging a home is a great way to help it sell. It helps potential buyers envision their family living there which is important for people during the home buying process. There are some common home staging practices such as decluttering, deep cleaning and making minor repairs, but there are a few extra things you may want to consider doing if you sell your home during the winter.

Snow Removal

Wisconsin winter weather often brings plenty of snow. That means your driveway and walkways are likely going to be covered a good amount of the time. Before people take a look at your home, remove snow from your driveway and any walking paths. You may need to salt those areas as well if there is a buildup of slippery ice.

Keep it Warm

Making your home warm and welcoming during the winter will have a positive impact on buyers. Sure, your heating bill will be higher, but the payoff will be worth it once the offers start coming in. The last thing you want is for buyers to walk out of the freezing cold into a chilly house. A warm home on a cold winter day is inviting and can help buyers warm up to the possibility of buying your home!

Mats for Shoes

You don’t want people to track in a bunch of snow and slush when they enter your home. Putting down a mat at the door will allow people to wipe off the bottom of their shoes to reduce the amount of the outside they will track in.


Having a well-lit home is a key factor during the home staging process. This can be especially difficult during the winter since days are shorter and we don’t get as much sunshine. Open up the blinds and replace lightbulbs if needed to make sure your home is bright.

Inviting Smells

Our homes are more closed up during the winter months since it’s too cold to crack the windows and let fresh air in. This could lead to some unpleasant smells lingering in our homes. There are plenty of ways to do this naturally. Some common tips are to boil cinnamon, bake something, incorporate flowers around the home or grind coffee. Bad smells can turn buyers off but a wonderfully smelling home can add to the appeal of your home.  

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