How to Make an Outdated Home Feel New

January 29, 2021

Eventually, every home will look or feel outdated. New trends and styles are constantly coming out and the way our homes look will change as a result. You don’t need to completely renovate every room in your house to make some beautiful changes. As a matter of fact, you can update your home with some simple updates. So, whether you’ve owned a home for a long time or just bought one that needs some updating, we’ve got some tips for you!

Paint, Paint and More Paint

The simplest way to make a home feel like new is to paint! A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room. You can also paint your cabinets if you want the switch up the look of your kitchen without replacing everything. Want to add curb appeal? Give your front door a pop of color! If you need help determining what paint colors to choose, check out our blog Determining Paint Colors.

Swap Out the Hardware

Even if they don’t look outdated, the hardware in our homes naturally wears down over time. The number of times we are open doors and drawers is countless, so give them the update they need. Swapping out doorknobs and cabinet, drawer and cupboard handles is a small but great way to update your home.

Let There Be Light

Is the lighting in your home dull? You may want to consider swapping out those old light bulbs with LED lights that will make your home feel more vibrant! Making your home brighter is one thing, but updating old light fixtures and light switch covers is also a great step to making your home feel like new.

Replace Faucets

An old faucet, whether it’s in the kitchen and bathrooms, can date a room immediately. They can collect grime and become gross over time. You can get a new faucet to match the handles you replace on your bathroom drawers!

Get Rid of Old Window Treatments

Do your window treatments transport you back decades when you look at them? It may be time to swap them out. There are endless options for window treatments. Pick a style that matches your freshly painted walls to create some consistency throughout your home.

If you aren’t looking to make major renovations, get a start on these smaller projects to transform your home into something you’ll be proud of. These few tips are sure to make your home look decades younger. You may not even recognize your home after you are done with all of these

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