4 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look & Feel More Spacious

February 19, 2021

Most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens. It’s a place where we cook, eat and socialize. Not all of us have the luxury of having a giant kitchen to enjoy all of these things, but there are things you can do to make the space look and feel much bigger.

Bright is Better

Darker colors on your walls, backsplash or appliances can make the space feel a little cramped. Use lighter colors such as whites, off-whites, creams or cool grays. Lighter colors reflect light better which will make your kitchen feel more open and airy.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Not only do lighter colors enhance the space, incorporating more lights will too! Lighting has a big effect on how big or small a room can feel. Use minimal window treatments to let as much of the natural light shine in as possible. You may also want to consider installing lights underneath your cabinets that will shine down on countertops. Another option is to replace your backsplash with mirrors. You may prefer more traditional backsplashes but using mirrors instead will greatly impact how large your kitchen looks.

Choose Your Storage Wisely

Bulky cabinets that protrude from our walls will certainly cramp up the place. There are a few options you can consider to change that. Open shelving can be a great solution. Not only does it open up the space, but it can also give be a decorative element in your kitchen. Not into open shelving? Replace solid cabinet doors with glass. This will allow you to see the depth of your cabinets all the way back to the wall, making your space appear larger. Both open shelving and glass cabinet doors will require you to keep your storage orderly at all times. You could also consider shallower cabinets. This will reduce the amount of storage space you have, but it will make your kitchen feel larger.

Keep the Counters Clear

Nothing makes a space feel smaller than a bunch of clutter. We can get into the habit of throwing anything and everything on our counters. Mail, wallet and keys, purses, homework, you name it. You can avoid this by making a place for all of those items you normally throw on the counter. You may also want to consider having a storage place for certain appliances as toasters or coffee makers that sit on your countertop.

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