How to Add Character to a Newly Built Home

Newly built homes often lack character and personality, and it can feel daunting to get rid of the chilly, sterile feel. Most builder-grade houses use very similar finishes that are cheap for the builder to use while still looking nice. The downside to this is it makes your home look the same as everyone else’s. Luckily with a new build, you can often skip the messy renovation and dive straight into giving it personality and charm.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural materials are a great way to add warmth and texture and can be done through a range from using wood accents on your walls or ceiling to incorporating live plants throughout your home. If you are involved in the building process, choose natural materials like brick, slate, or travertine in areas of your home that you want to stand out. Using natural materials in finishes and architecture can go a long way to counteract boring flat walls.

Add Bold Lighting Fixtures

Large developments tend to use the same lighting fixtures throughout the house across all their new homes. Statement lighting can make your home feel special and can be a focal point in the room bringing a wow factor. There are countless options from bold chandeliers, unique floor lamps, and vintage sconces and pendants for an inexpensive upgrade for a big impact.

Upgrade Hardware

Similarly, to lighting, kitchen, and bathroom hardware along with doorknobs are usually builder-grade and seen throughout a new build. Newer homes don’t have unique or antique hardware which can have a big visual and tactile impact. Consider upgrading your kitchen and bathroom hardware, doorknobs, and light switches for a quality touch.

Incorporate Antique Pieces

Well-placed antiques can add charm to modern décor. Infuse character into your new build by incorporating vintage finds and avoid purchasing matching furniture sets. Focus on filling your home with things that you love to ensure your home reflects your taste.

Eye Catching Doors

Installing custom doors can bump up the curb appeal of a plain jane house. You can also consider painting your current door a new color that pops and complements your house style. Changing the interior doors of your house can also have a big impact.

Mix and Match Décor

Décor can play a big part in giving a home character and warmth. Consider mixing and matching décor styles by incorporating different textures, patterns, and colors into your home. Aim to create a space that is unique and personal. One way to do this is by mixing modern pieces with vintage finds.

Go Bold with Colors

If you are looking to add personality to your home, add pops of color through vibrant pieces of furniture or bold accent pieces. Throw pillows, blankets, and brightly colored rugs are a great way to dip your toes in the bold-colored waters. If you are feeling adventurous, try experimenting with a bold wallpaper or paint color. Ultimately you are going to want to think about how these colors will fit into the overall design scheme of your home.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Add layers to your home through textiles, artwork, cozy rugs, pillows, books, and more! Layers are important when it comes to adding character and warmth to a newly built. This will help the home feel cozy and lived in.

Worthwhile Add-ons to Incorporate Over Time

Tackling more expensive projects may not be the first thing on your list when you are moving into a newly built home. However, after living in the home for some time, you may want to invest in more extensive projects that you can incorporate over time.

  • Add ceiling beams
  • Install millwork
  • Add casing to drywall openings
  • Add crown molding
  • Add tile, brick, or slate flooring
  • Add built-in cabinetry such as a window seat or bed nooks
  • Add a pergola or gazebo
  • Update your landscaping

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