Homes fall into Lake Delton, Lake drains, no longer lakefront property at this time

June 9, 2008

Wisconsin has taken a real beating these last few days with incredible rainfalls. Beautiful trees forever damaged or destroyed, homes damaged and flooded but remarkable few injuries which is truly the most important thing. We hope for the best for homeowners in Wisconsin with serious water problems as a result of these storms.

Lots of people and towns have had it bad. But nothing is as bad as the situation for Lake Delton property owners.  Just south of the Dells, Lake Delton is a popular vacation spot, really an extension of the Dells, with lakefront homes and many resorts.  Yesterday, the rain swollen lake overflowed it banks, took out a section of county highway and washed 4 homes into the nearby Wisconsin River. It does appear people had been evacuated from the area so no one was hurt. 

Incredibly, the lake has now drained and the imminent flood damage is replaced by something worse -the loss of resort income and home values if the lake cannot be restored over time could be severe.  Has anyone ever heard of something like this happening before?

Plans are being talked about for the restoration of the man made lake, restoring the lake property values eventually.  But that won’t happen this summer and severe erosion may hinder rebuilding for some. 

Do you have a storm story to share?

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